Welcome to our first Bulletin prepared using ClubRunner. ClubRunner can also be used to prepare our website, maintain our member database and keep attendance records. As time permits you will see these features taking shape. For now if you click on the home link above you will get some idea of what the web site will look like.

This bulletin covers last week and this week. Last week's meeting was our Christmas Party at our house held on Sunday evening. It seemed to me that everyone enjoyed the night and I would like to go on record with thanks to all those that helped make the night a success, particularly Ann, Ross, Helen, Marlene, Paul and Kathy.

We missed Bob & Lex on the night as they were not well so Ann took a "meals on wheels" to them on Monday. Here's an excerpt from an email from Bob -

"G'day There

What a pleasant surprise it was to have a visit from Ann Wells this morning with a great collection of tasty food from the Xmas party yesterday evening.What a nice tuck-in we've enjoyed today !!!!!!!  I'm sure you had a hand in putting the goodies together,Helen,so from Lex & I a sincere "thank you" for your thoughtfulness from us both."

Bob reports he is on the mend and he hopes to see us all this week.

This week we are back at the golf club on Wednesday and the programm is a trivia night, once again organized by Ann Wells. The following week will be a social night with partners welcome. We will have a buffet style meal and there will be a modest President's shout.

District 9600 is also upgrading their website and databases. District 9600 has setup a new members secure area on the D9600 website. This has replaced the previous one and  will give members far more access to D9600 and RI information.  Next year the District directory will be available to read online by computers as well as smart phones. I have started the process of getting our details to district but each member will need to login to the new site. This is something we can address in the new year - possibly at one of our January meetings.

To conclude, it is now time to update our club officers’ data (president, secretary, treasurer, membership and foundation chair) and also verify our club meeting and contact information for the incoming 2013-14 year. We can do this using Member Access on the RI website but we need names so now is the time to think about what you can do for the club next year and talk to Paul and offer yourself to fill a position.