It was good to have another well attended social night at the Royal George last week.

This week we are back at the Golf Club and our guest speaker will be  Lucille Watson on the topic of The Brooke Charity. This organisation commenced in 1934 when Dorothy Brooke, shocked at the plight of ex-cavalry horses, bought 5000 of these animals and went on to set up a free veterinary clinic. Lucille lives in Woombye.

You will all have seen an email from Leo Smith about the next working party to the Solomons. A couple of people were interested in this so now is the time to put your hand up.

Now that we look to be set to continue as a viable club it's time to look at upcoming activities. At this stage we have 3 days of RYDA on May 13th., 14th. and 15th followed by some limited involvement at the show and the garden expo. It has also been suggested that we should be able to devote a lot more emphasis on the golf day this year (probably in September) and with a bit of luck and hard work we may be able to make that day our major fundraiser. We will have the blue book set up for these events this week.