Our meeting this week (6th March) is listed as a club discussion but there is only one topic to discuss and that is does the Rotary Club of Nambour 76 continue or not, that is – should we or should we not hand our charter back to Rotary International.

I know that’s very blunt but as some of you would know the board has discussed this very point recently and we are concerned about a number of things.

·         Our numbers are continuing to decrease and we have had very little success in attracting new members.

·         Our two major fundraisers – the show and expo gates are becoming much more difficult to maintain.

·         We are having difficulty finding someone to fill the board and other vacancies for next year.

None of these issues are new but this year, for a few reasons everything is becoming more difficult and the time for a decision is now before we commit to another year in Rotary and before we commit to the show and expo gates.

I could go on with lots of points for and against handing back our charter but the time to discuss these points is at this week’s meeting so come prepared to present your opinion. Everyone who wants to speak will have the opportunity and anyone who wants to talk to me before the meeting please don't hesitate.