Happy New Year to all and welcome back to Rotary.

As it has been a while since the last report I have left in some content from that report in case anyone has forgotten.

In ClubRunner I have set up our member database and attendance records since July.  There is also a roster in place which is accessed by a link on the home page, top right corner. For each job there is a primary member and a reserve in brackets. The following week the reserve will take that job. You should see if you have a job at the bottom of your bulletin.  Hopefully that will work!

This week will be a casual meeting to get us back in the swing of things for the new year.

At a cluster meeting in September,the 2014 District Conference, tentatively scheduled to be held at Maroochydore in 2014 was discussed. DGE Trevor Taylor had asked Leo Smith to ascertain if the clubs in our cluster would be prepared to participate in a committee to help plan and organise the conference. DGE Trevor would like to move towards setting up a committee as soon as possible. To this end, Leo is hosted a meeting onWednesday, 19th December , to (hopefully) form such a committee.

The next meeting is also on our meeting night & I have told Leo we can't have anyone there but I have suggested we could man the registration desk as we did at Caloundra a few years ago and Leo has welcomed that offer. He has asked for a member from 76 to sit on the committee. Any offers?

A few of us visited Peter Crosby at home last weekend. It was Peter's first time home since he took ill and he is back in hospital now for more chemo treatment. He is doing really well and is very positive about the future.

Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) is holding a training and information seminar for potential project team leaders for RAWCS overseas Project Volunteer trips. The seminar would also be of interest to anyone who has ever contemplated being a project volunteer or others wanting to get more information about RAWCS Project Volunteer trips. If anyone is interested see me for the the details.