I've left this report late this week until after tonight's board meeting. The most important points from that meeting concern the gates at the show and garden expo. We are seriously concerned about our ability to muster enough people to run these events. We will have a show of hands tomorrow night to get some idea of where we stand.

Our speaker this week is Angela Andrews on the benefits of Alovera.

The following week will be a visit from the outgoing Vocational Training Team and combined with Cooroy club. Partners are welcome that night for what should be an interesting night where the team will present a dress rehearsal of the presentations they will be making in Amsterdam. 

We have two events coming up - the trivia night in aid of ROMAC on Thursday 28th (replaces our meeting of the 27th) and a Long Lunch at Eumundi on Sunday 24th in aid of Katie Rose Cottage. We will need numbers this week.

Last week I sent our member and ex member list to ClubRunner. The data has now been uplloaded and everyone will have to reset their passwords by clicking on the “New and existing users - Retrieve your password” link from the login page. Simply enter your last name and email address and the details will be emailed to you. You will see that Honorary and Ex Members are now included.
Don't forget, we now have the site set up under our old web page - that is www.nambour76rotary.org

Also, while you are at setting up on our club website don't forget to register on the new D9600 Database. Details at