This weeks speaker is Frances Cahill and her topic is "Grammar is not a dirty word".

After some interesting points raise at last week's meeting it was clear that we no longer had the ability to run the show and expo gates. We have written to both organizations with this news and Helen called and spoke to the relevant people, who were both shocked and dismayed. In the case of the show gates, the P & C at St John's College have agreed to take them on and the Show Secretary was delighted to hear this news.

On the issue of whether we continue as a club or not, it seemed to me that the discussion settled to two choices.

  1. We fold and hand back our charter with those members who wish joining Nambour or other clubs.
  2. We continue with an executive of President, Secretary and Treasurer and see what the future brings.
I certainly have an opinion on which choice we should adopt but I don't want to argue the points for and against as I don't think that's my role. The decision has to be made by the members and to this end I hope we can reach a decision at the meeting of March 20th which is set aside for another discussion on the issue.