I guess the heading should say Past President's Report but that doesn't read right so I'm taking a bit of poetic licence for my last report.

First of all, congratulations to Paul on his induction and also to both Paul and Kathy for organising a very successful and enjoyable changeover.

I also want to take this opportunity to reinforce my remarks made on Sunday about Ross Jackson. Ross has been president twice and had a hand in just about everything else since 1977. We have always been able to rely on him to be the first to volunteer and he thoroughly deserved his Paul Harris Sapphire and the Peter Bennett shield for "going the extra mile".

The annual report appears below.

For the last time

(Past President) Bill


Rotary Club of Nambour 76 – Annual Report 2012-13

2012-13 has been quite an eventful one for Nambour 76.  Our meeting of 6th March was a club discussion with only one topic to discuss and that was “does the Rotary Club of Nambour 76 continue or not, that is – should do we or do we not hand our charter back to Rotary International.”

We had reasons why this drastic action was being considered-

·         Our numbers were continuing to decrease and we had had very little success in attracting new members.

·         Our two major fundraisers – the show and expo gates were becoming much more difficult to maintain.

·         We were having difficulty finding someone to fill the board and other vacancies for next year.

After some discussion it was clear that we no longer had the ability to run the show and expo gates and subsequently we were able to get the P & C at St John's College to take on the Show Gates and our involvement with the expo gates was limited to the Bli Bli vehicle entrance.

After a visit by DG Dai Mason, DGE Trevor Taylor and AG Leo Smith it was decided to try to keep our club going so now it’s up to all members to get behind President Paul and start powering forward in 2013-14.

The past year has still been busy and our activities for the year are summarized below.

Club Visits

·         We visited Cooroy club in July to jointly present the golf day proceeds to Katie Rose Cottage.

·         We held a combined meeting with Nambour with Mayor Mark Jamieson as guest speaker and Pride of Workmanship awards were presented to Nambour High School Principal, Wayne Troyahn and Scott Turner from Trueline Smash Repairs.

·         Combined clubs breakfast meeting at the Big Pineapple

·         Combined meeting with Cooroy at Nambour to host the outgoing Vocational Training Team.

·         Trivia night in aid of ROMAC at Caloundra.

·         Combined Sunshine Coast Clubs meeting at the Sunshine Coast University Innovation Centre.

Vocational Visits

·         Visit to Katy Rose Cottage in Doonan   

Fundraising Projects

·         The year started and finished with the Garden Expo gates. After last year with a new system of operating the gates we were unsure whether we would have the job next year and as it turned out we chose to not take it on only to be asked if we could still look after the Bli Bli Gate. That proved to be a much easier undertaking.

·         SC Rugby League Grand Final Gates on Saturday 8th September

·         Show Gates

·         International Car Rally

Guest Speakers and Programme

Veronika Oliver did a tremendous job organising our guest speakers during the year. We moved away from the tradition of a speaker every week, with some meetings as social nights and some at alternative venues.

Our guest speakers in order were-

·         Rev Peter O’Connor AM                               The work of Professor Barry Hicks in Ethiopia.

·         Rob Woolrych                                                    His career in submarines in the RAN.

·         Chloe Cutter                                                      Red Cross Blood Bank

·         Ian Bennett                                          Solomon Islands projects

·         Paul Moriaty                                                      Bee Keeping.

·         Jenifer Coleman                                                               Kid’s Cancer.

·         Amy Henderson                                               Dental Hygiene.

·         Angela Andrews                                               Benefits of Alovera.

·         Frances Cahill                                                     "Grammar is not a dirty word".

·         Kristina Lamb                                                     University Studies

·         Jane Loxton                                                        Pancreatic Cancer

·         Malcolm Brown                                                                Rural Fire Brigades

·         Lesley Takeda                                                    Youth Exchange in Japan

Community Service Projects

·         We contributed $5000 through ROTARY AUSTRALIA WORLD COMMUNITY SERVICE LIMITED to rebuilding projects in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands

·         $2000 to the Salvation Army

·         $500 to St John’s College

·         RYDA programs were run at the Nambour showgrounds in August, September and March.

·         Row for Cancer Bar at Picnic Point on Saturday 1st September

·         Funding for painting of the Nambour Museum.

·         We paid for the pavers to allow a garden at Katy Rose Cottage to be completed.

·         We helped Wishlist by cooking a BBQ at the hospital staff charity ball in October.

·         Crossroads Picnic at the Yandina State School.



We have welcomed Marea Lamb to the club this year and Marea has already made an impact, taking on the job of treasurer for 13-14 and President for 14-15.


Sadly we have had resignations from Ann Wells, Dennis Doble and Graeme Colley.