As we move into the second half of the Rotary year there are a couple of projects we could possibly have a look at. We have had an expression of interest from Nambour High Principal, Wayne Troyahn about restarting an Interact Club at Nambour High. At the other end of the age range, Ken Crichton, a Past President of our club has asked us to consider forming another Probus club in Nambour. I will get a few details together so we can discuss the suggestions at the next board meeting and follow that with a club discussion at one of our February meetings, probably the 20th.

At this week's meeting I will present a short run through on ClubRunner, our new website and club management software. 

I have made a few changes to the home page and set some of the features so that we now have some relevant information available.

The roster has now  been set for January. You will see your duties (personalized) at the bottom of your bulletin. The complete roster is also viewable from a link in the top right hand corner of the home page. At top left on the home page are links to upcoming speakers and the club calender. The calender also displays a heading summarizing the speaker for each week.

Finally some sad news-when we cleared the mail box on our way home from last weeks's meeting there was a letter of resignation from Ann Wells. Ann has been finding it difficult to devote time to Rotary and as she said she doesn't wish to be a member when she can not contribute 100%. While I appreciate her reasons I am personally very sorry to see Ann leave, a sentiment I am sure is shared by everyone. Ann has been a member of 76 since 2004 and during that time she has held many positions in the club, including that of Secretary and we will always remember her for her organization of social nights and, of course the trivia nights. Good luck to Ann & Chris and I am sure we will still see them from time to time.