You will see from the speakers' list on the website that we have our program in place up to May 8th except for May 1st. Perhaps we can visit Miller's cafe on that night?

This week our speaker is  Jane Loxton, a  Registered Nurse - talking about Pancreatic Cancer.   Jane is studying towards a PhD funded by Australian Rotary Health. She may well have a book for sale on the subject with proceeds to go to ARH. 

I have had a request for some help from our former member and Past President John Stevenson. John has been storing the plywood screens we use at RYDA but he is unable to do this past next week. Does anybody have some spare space to store these sheets. There are about 20 of them ranging in size but mostly about 1M square. 

I have all the upcoming events listed on the website now along with the names of the members who can help out at each event. All the events are well supported except the crossroads BBQ. I've copied an email from Alan Donaldson below which has the details.

Now that the Schools are back we have been in touch with the Yandina School and we can now confirm that the Crossroads Picnic will be at the Yandina State School on Saturday 4th May from 9.30 to 2.00 with lunch at about 12.15.  Numbers don’t seem to change much from year to year but we will let you know as soon as we have possible numbers. 

We really appreciate this contribution from Nambour 76 Rotary Club.

With many thanks

Alan Donaldson

Crossroads is a Uniting Church organization supporting disabled adults.  Bernie has agreed to deliver and collect the BBQ but we need 3 cooks and someone to carry out a few welding modifications to the BBQ beforehand. The cooking is quite easy, some hamburger patties and onion and the rest of the food preparation is done by the Crossroads volunteers. Because this event is now on a Saturday rather than the Monday holiday most of the usual helpers are not available (and Ross and Paul will still be away) so we need some new blood to help. So let's get some names down in the blue book this week. It's an easy and rewarding project.

I have been asked by a few members how to log in to the website. The process is to use your email address as the login name and your name in the format of First.Last as the password - that is capital letters to start each name.