Sad news this week. Helen's mother, Kath passed away on Sunday after failing to recover from a fall several weeks ago. We got the call while at the show gates on Sunday morning and the St John's volunteers were very understanding when we decided to leave and head for Brisbane so Helen could be with her family. Many of you have heard this news already  and we both thank you for your kind words and the flowers which arrived today (Tuesday).

The show has been and gone and by all reports the show officials are very happy with the way the St John's crew handled things. It seems we have successfully passed this job on to a group which will benefit from the funds received in years to come.

Next job is the Bli Bli Road gate at the Garden Expo and we will have a roster drawn up for this week's meeting.

Last week we discussed what we are going to do as a club next year and the following dot points summarize the topics raised.

  • Club Service -bulletin to stay much as it is now, guest speakers about once a month and where possible we look at combining with the other clubs in our cluster. The member database and attendance records will be maintained in Clubrunner.
  • Fundraising - Show and expo gates, International Car Rally and Rugby League gates. The golf day in September in conjunction with Cooroy will be our major fundraiser.
  • International Service - our commitments to The Rotary Foundation will be reduced.
  • Youth Service - RYDA will be the major project with the Aust NZ youth exchange and NYSF the most likely programmes we will support. RYLA and RYPEN would depend on us finding participants.
  • Vocational Service - Aim towards 4 vocational visits during the year.
  • PR - We will try to use Facebook as a means of communicating with "Friends of Rotary".
  • We promote a full club effort to visit the Sydney RI international convention in June 2014.

That gives us a plan for the next Rotary year and what remains now is to decide who is going to do what, so give some thought to where you can help and that will be the main topic of discussion at this week's meeting.

Also note that our AGM will be held at the meeting of July, 24th.