Presidents Report 14/8/2013. Ekka Show Day Holiday.

Welcome to my report, short one this week.

Well it was a full on meeting last week, ran a little long and late but a lot to cover.

It’s been a busy week, where has it gone?

We will have a guest speaker this week, Kristina Lamb.

A couple of reminders,

Check out the Club Events section on web site.

Our Membership dues are due, $200 Year, $100 Half Year. Marea will be on hand with her trusty receipt book in hand.

Some points of interest for Month of August 2013.


Susan Blake, Aug 5. Hope you remembered Alex!

Club Anniversary

Bruce Lawton, 19 Years, 16 August 1994.

Roster for this week’s meeting.

  • Sergeant:  Bruce Lawton.
  • Attendance: Ross Jackson.
  • 1st Duty Officer: Graham Robertson.
  • 2nd Duty Officer: Bob Sellars.
  • 2 Minute: Gordon Downing.
  • Chairperson: Veronika Oliver.

There will be no meeting on Wednesday 28th August 2013. This meeting will be replaced with the Sundale 50th Anniversary Dinner on Tuesday 27th August 2013.