Presidents Report 26/3/2014.

Welcome to my report.

Wonderful guest speaker at last week’s meeting, Kay Allars. Kay’s presentation was all about her career as a Beauty Therapist and the different aspects of this profession. Kay’s talk was very interesting when you consider the different types of applications of makeup and skin treatments provided and also trains students in this profession. We can see just how much Kay’s work can change someone’s life and build their confidence. Thanks Kay, your talk was great.

Ross has contacted Peter this week and e-mailed me this update. Peter said to say G’Day to all and he is nowhere near dropping his bundle yet! Although many would have from what he has been through. Peter is on a second 16 day session of chemo “EVIQ”, with spinal injections. He then has 22 days of rest and observation. The specialist will do further scans and if the blood/nervous system is right they will reintroduce his harvested stem cells back into his system. Ross gave Peter an update of club news on happenings including winery trip and new members etc, etc. Thanks Ross, great work.

D9600 Annual Conference, Friday 28th March to Sunday 30th March 2014. Venue: Maroochy RSL Conference Centre. Nambour 76 will be manning the Registration Desk. Remember to register on line, here is the link our club has 8 people registered, Paul and Kathy, Ross and Marline, Bruce, Hisashi, Bill and Helen. Please remember to register.

Check out the events on our web site to keep up to date with what’s on.

Coming up, Open Garden Day, 25th May 2014. E-mail from Helen with all information on web site.

Membership Dues, Is everyone up to date?

Some points of interest for Month of March 2014.


Happy Birthday To:

Bill, 10th March.

Marilyn Crosby, 16th March.

Lynne Smyth, 23rd March.

Ross, 29th March.

Club Anniversaries

None this month.

Wedding Anniversaries

Peter and Marilyn, 4th March.

Roster for this week’s meeting.

Sergeant: Veronika

Attendance: Vicki

1st Duty Officer: Bernie

2nd Duty Officer: Gordon

2 Minute: David

Chairperson: Paul