Presidents Report 30/4/2014.

 Welcome to my report.

 Wow, End of another month.

 Mai was our guest speaker and gave us an enthusiastic report on her time at NYSF. How excited she was speaking about the lectures and programs she attended and people she met at the forum. She certainly has come out of her shell. Gordon asked a question and he received an answer was exceptional. We all wish Mai all the best with her studies.

 A bit of trivia this week;

 Tuesday, 29th April 1770. Capt Cook was in Botany Bay.

 Check out the events on our web site to keep up to date with what’s on.

 Crossroads BBQ, (That's this weekend) Saturday 3rd May 2014. Yandina Primary School. Lunch scheduled for 12:15pm. We need to bring our club BBQ. Details are also on web site. We need to set up about 11.00am.

 RYDA at Nambour Showgrounds, Bill needs some helpers. Nambour High School students attending. Monday and Tuesday 19 & 20th May 2014.

 Open Garden Day, 25th May 2014. E-mail from Helen with all information on web site.

 Membership Dues, Is everyone up to date? Bill has you in his sights.

 Some points of interest for Month of April 2014.

Happy Birthday To:

No birthdays this month

 Club Anniversaries

Gerald, 12th April 2006.

 Wedding Anniversaries

No anniversaries this month

 Roster for this week’s meeting.

Sergeant: Graham

Attendance: Veronika

1st Duty Officer: Vicki

2nd Duty Officer: David

2 Minute: Bob

Chairperson: Paul

Board Meeting; Tuesday, 6th May 2014.


Next Week's Meeting, 7th May 2014. Very Important Night.

Partners Night, Fun Night. Roll Change Night????????

Please join in the fun and bring along your better halves.

We will run a Raffle (Helen's famous fruit cake) and maybe a fine session, depends on how the Sergeant is feeling?