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RYDA SC Grammar
Sunshine Coast Grammar
Jul 22, 2019
Antique Car Club Swap Meet
Nambour Show Grounds
Jul 27, 2019
Bunning's BBQ
Bunning's Maroochydore
Aug 15, 2019
7:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Power on Petrie
Nambour Show Grounds
Aug 16, 2019 – Aug 18, 2019
Sunshine Coast Caravan and Outdoor Expo
Nambour Show Grounds
Aug 30, 2019 – Sep 01, 2019
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Jul 17, 2019
Sunshine Hospice
Jul 24, 2019
MS Qld Special Disability
Jul 31, 2019
Stroke Prevention
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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Nambour 76
We meet Wednesdays at 6:15 PM
Nambour Golf Club
Nambour Connection Rd.
Nambour, QLD  4560
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Foundation Newletter
DG Newletter
In the last two weeks we have been busy with the GPAI Rock'n'Roll dance and the Garden Expo. The dance was good fun but probably not very successful financially.  The expo was as busy as ever with 2100 cars passing through our gate over the 3 days.  With Bob Sellar's funeral on the Friday we had to call in a few favours from friends and relatives to make up the numbers but we got there in the end.
We have our first guest speaker for this Rotary year this week. Bev Barton from Sunshine Hospice will give us an update on fundraising for the hospice. Many will remember the hospice from when it was initially set up as Katie Rose hospice. There has been changes in the direction the hospice has taken since those early days so it will be interesting to hear developments.
You can see from the speakers' list that Bernie has been busy organizing speakers and we have a full program of speakers for this month.
Other activities are also busy in the next few months. There is a RYDA at Sunshine Coast Grammar on Monday 22nd and we have enough people for that.
The following weekend, Saturday 27th we are car parking for the Antique Car Club Swap Meet and helping Nambour in the kitchen if we have the numbers. Start time is 5 am for both the parking and the kitchen and finishing about 12 noon for the parking or 2 pm for the kitchen. We will be chasing starters for this at this week's meeting.
Two weeks later we have a Bunnings BBQ on the Thursday 15th August followed by Power on Petrie for the next 3 days at the showgrounds. This event is a "show and shine" type car show and the organizers are expecting crowds similar to the garden expo. Whether we are up to 4 days in a row remains to be seen.
At the end of August there is another new event, the Sunshine Coast Caravan & Outdoor Expo. Again we could help Nambour in the kitchen but we have also been approached to do the parking. There are still a lot of questions to be answered on this one.
Minutes of  Meeting of Office Bearers of Rotary Club Nambour 76
Held at Golf Club Nambour on Wednesday 10th July 2019
Present:                       Helen Turner, Gordon Downing, Graham Robertson, Ross Jackson, Paul Frahm, Bruce Lawton, Alex Blake, Bill Turner.
                                    An apology had been received from Gerald Robertson who was overseas. 
Minutes:                      The minutes which were previously circularised were passed on the motion of Gordon Downing seconded Bill Turner.
Rock n Roll Night:      The night is done and dusted.  There were not enough participants and the leftover food was given to the Shack. 
Changeover:                The changeover meeting had been very successful as well as profitable.  A total of $1,590 was taken at the meeting.
Science Summer
School:                        Moved by Alex, seconded by Ross that we contribute $500 towards the applicants journey with the money only to be paid so long as she was a successful candidate.
The Shack:                  Helen reported that basic pantry items at The Shack were very much light on.  She moved that we help Dale sure up the pantry by donating $500.  Moved Gordon Downing seconded Helen Turner and the motion was carried. It was agreed that Bruce should give Dale the cheque at the show gate on Friday as Dale was a volunteer for that occasion. 
Treasurer’s Report:     The treasurer’s report had previously been circularised.  Moved treasurer Bruce seconded Bill Turner that the report be adopted and that the bills paid be approved. 
                                    Bruce reported that the books had been dropped off to the auditor.  It was agreed that the AGM would be held on the night of the first meeting in September, being September the 4th.
Dues:                           There was discussion about a contribution towards our subs to come from the club account, on the motion of Gordon Downing seconded by Bill Turner it was agreed that the funds raised at one Bunnings BBQ and from the Swap-Meet would be put towards the cost of fees so as to reduce the fees this year. 
Meals:                          Moved Ross Jackson, seconded Helen Turner that the meal price stay at $25 per head and be capped at $40 per couple per night.  The motion was carried. 
Playgroup Expo:         Bill reported that the club could undertake this three hours work on Thursday the 22nd October.  About 300 cars only are expected.  It had been agreed that the club could do that in exchange for the ability to seek a gold coin donation.  It was agreed that we would participate.
Sunshine Hospice:      It was reported that a representative from this organisation was about to address our club this month.  There was discussions about donations to the organisation.  Helen indicated that the organisation had a block of land at Buderim. It was agreed that we would listen to the representative before we made any decision about making any donations to the organisation. 
Golf Day:                    Ross indicated that he would start looking for sponsors and that he would start this task next weekend.  There was some discussion about rain insurance but the decision as to whether we should or should not insure was deferred pending the receipt of information concerning the cost and extent of the policy. 
GSE:                           It was reported that the old GSE program had been shelved and that a vocational training scheme had been adopted by our Rotary hierarchy in lieu.  The conduct and selection of participants is under the direct authority of the Rotary hierarchy.
Sundale Nambour
Foundation:                 Ross reported that this foundation had started with $1,000,000; that the foundation had a brief to spend any earnings on the $1,000,000 and subsequent donations to assist the community generally.  It was foreshadowed that there would be further liaison and contact with the trustees on our potential involvement with this foundation.
Our year’s money:      Helen addressed the issue of how much money we had raised and how little we had spent. On her motion, which was seconded by Alex, it was agreed that we would donate a further $1,500 to Just Brass at the Salvos.  That would be $2,000 for the year.
                                    Alison Stevenson had approached the club for $200 towards the costs of her program at Leppi Primary School.  It was agreed on the motion of Ross, seconded by Bruce that we donate $200 towards that cause.
                                    There was general agreement that The Shack was the focus of our fundraising and that that is the reason why we have not spent the year’s hard earned dollars.  It was agreed that Dale be asked to come to the club to give us a further briefing on where they are at and what they want.  It was pointed out that we have quite a few guest speakers thanks to Bernie’s hard efforts and it was agreed that we should ask Bernie to liaise with Dale to pick a night that suited the program and of course Dale. 
There was some discussion that we should be putting say $10,000 on term deposit for The Shack.  It was agreed that that approach is sound in principle but we should wait until we hear back from Dale concerning where they are at with The Shack.
Closing.                       The meeting closed at 5:45pm.
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