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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Nambour 76
We meet Wednesdays at 6:15 PM
Sunshine Coast Antiqe Car Club
Nambour Show Grounds
Coronation Ave
Nambour, QLD 4560
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We had a late change to our schedule last week. Our planned discussions on PR was postponed and most of the board meeting was held over until next week (July 1st) at 5 pm. There was an abbreviated board meeting held (see minutes below).
The reason for the late change was that this meeting was the last in Australia for Socrates who should by now be back in Norway, airline schedules permitting. Socrates took a few minutes to recap his time on the Sunshine Coast and it was terrific to see most of his host parents here to send him off. Bon Voyage!




Present: Bernie, Roy, Gordon, Ross, Gerald, Alex, Paul, Graham, David, Allan, 

Bill, Dennis, Bruce, Greg and Veronica (plus 8 guests) 

Minutes: The previous minutes were circularised and on the motion of Gordon and seconded by Paul it was confirmed that the minutes were a true and correct record of the previous meeting. 

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s Report had previously been circularised. 

Bruce brought to the attention of all present that our current dues of $50 would see the club in deficit to the tune of $3,500. 

On the other hand dues of $125 a half year would see the club in surplus with $25. He suggested that we have serious thoughts about the level of dues for 2021. He reminded those present that any shortfall would come out of club funds which would come from work undertaken by club members. 

He spoke about the cost of meals. He suggested that in lieu of the current $40/couple per meal that the cost increase to $45/couple. 

Guest Speakers Bernie indicated that he had tried a number of people and at this stage he had no immediate bookings. Bill Turner volunteered to chase up Lee Florence and Ian Cuff who will receive Pride of Workmanship Awards. 

Gordon promised to follow up the 2 ambo people and the 2 scholarship people. 

Bill will settle the dates first for Lee and Ian and Gordon will then settle the dates for the other 2 guest speakers. The Scholarship recipients’ night would need to be a night that suits Bob Sellars’ family and Steve Gibbins. 

Future Meetings Alex suggested that we have another board meeting next week starting at 5pm. He confirmed that we would go back to regular 5pm board meetings rather than what had happened tonight. 

Meeting Closed: 7:55pm 

Also this week we are set to discus the ideas that have been tossed around on ways to improve our visibility in the community. This topic developed after the interview of Alex and Dennis broadcast on Tuesday on 104.9 FM and some ideas expressed by Greg in an email to Alex. Greg's email and a copy of a club summary of activities for Woden Daybreak are copied again below so they are fresh in our minds. 
Greg's email is included again-
I thought I would share some ideas about recruiting new members.  These thoughts and experiences are from my time at Woden Daybreak and may or may not translate to Nambour.
I joined the club about 5 years ago and I became interested when I saw a Rotary stand with a Shelter Box display and got chatting to some of the members about what they did.  They were able to give me an A4 page which listed all the projects and charities they supported.  I am not sure if Nambour 76 run stands at markets or shows but if not its a good way to attract new members and the A4 page of projects is an easy way to convey to a potential new member what the club and Rotary is all about.
Occasionally  one or more of the clubs in Canberra were able to get onto the radio or TV but they had to have something special to say that would be of interest.  Our club did not get any new members from this method of advertising and found that the most effective method other than the stands at shows was by personally inviting someone either friend, colleague or a professional/business associate that they were in contact with. For example I have struck up a conversation with an Optometrist recently and could ask them if they would be interested to attend one of our meetings?  We need to be wise about the meeting we invite them to as it needs to be interesting not just business.  I would suggest that until we get back to face to face meetings that personal invitation will be difficult and the zoom meetings are probably not the place to have their first experience.
Other things our club did (note it was a breakfast club):
1. Meetings were interesting and short and sharp..
2. Everyone was encouraged to be very welcoming to guests and to find areas of mutual interest
3. We reduced the cost from $21 for a set menu to $5 or $7 for coffee and toast or coffee, toast and cereal/fruit and we catered ourselves.  We were finding that cost was a real obstruction for some people.
4.  We dropped the requirement for attendance and the message was come when you can and we tried to make it interesting enough that people wanted to come.
5. We diversified our membership more women, different nationalities and tried to get younger people to come we supported a Rotaract club at the High School and encouraged them to come to some of our volunteering activities.
This is the project summary Greg refers to-


The Club was again involved in a wide range of activities. Jenny Aitchison and Mark Schipp were co-presidents. 

Our Achievements

Community Service 

  • Propagated seedlings for future tree plantings, with Greening Australia

  • Donated $600 to Australian  Rotary Health research (especially in mental health) including funds raised from the hat day fundraiser

  • Joined in a working bee at Abbeyfield Garran (accommodation for mildly intellectually disabled people)

  • Assisted AFP with their Christmas Appeal barbeque at Bunnings

  • Two unsung heroes identified and awarded certificates


International Service

  • Donated $1,000 towards the ShelterBox Solution for disaster relief

  • Helped Zonta by assembling hundreds of birthing kits and donating $500

  • Following a special dinner and mango fundraising activities donated $5,000 to Mercy Ships

  • Decided that funds raised 2017/18 and 2018/19 from coin box collections be donated to Rotarians Against Malaria, plus made a donation of $200


Rotary Foundation

  • Donated $1,000 to the work of the Foundation

  • Members donated to the Foundation via Centurion and Paul Harris programs 

  • Donated $3,000 towards the eradication of Polio

Vocational Service

  • Vocational talks by members

  • Awarded a Vocational Service award to Danniele Hunter in recognition of her work with Mercy Ships

  • Participated in a Wattle Walk at the Botanical Gardens

  • Visited the Recycling Centre for a briefing


Club Service

  • Weekly breakfast meetings at the Southern Cross Club - wide range of guest speakers

  • Conducted a one month trial of breakfast meetings at the SHOUT premises at Pearce

  • Small social dinners to welcome members

  • An informative and entertaining Bulletin

  • A successful Rotary Alumni meeting was attended by participants who have benefitted from a wide range of Rotary programs

  • Held social activities for members 

  • Investigated options for digital storage of Club information

  • We totalled over 3000 service hours for the Rotary year



  • Supported a participant for  the Jan 2019 National Science Youth Forum (NYSF) 

  • Sponsored a Canberra College team for the Model United Nations Assembly

  • Supported an Interact club at Canberra College

  • Provided support to students participating in the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment 

  • Sponsored a student to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership award meeting

  • Donated $1,000 from the Barry Bourke Memorial Fund to Melrose College to assist students


Fund raising

  • To raise funds for Projects and activities we: 

  • sold garden gnomes at Floriade for painting, in conjunction with Canberra East Club, our share $1,700

  • Ran the canteen for the ANU Film Group raising over $6,368

  • Ran  our Giro cycling event in May 2019 raising some $1,200 for our Rotary projects, and some participants also raised funds for their chosen charities - $1,963 total

  • Held a dinner and a mango fund raiser to support Mercy Ships

  • Continued to collect foreign coins via Rotary boxes located at agreed locations

  • Helped Woden Rotary with parking and earnt $1,000

  • Ran a BBQ at Bunnings Tuggeranong raising $1,350



  • A new member joined, and two resigned

  • Rob Jamieson died June 2019 

  • Our Club continued to seek new members and younger members in particular  

  • Members participated in running the Club in a variety of ways

  • Active Club members have Working With Vulnerable People checks, and we get relevant members cleared for suitability of working with children

  • Members attended meetings of other Clubs 

Public Relations  

  • We maintained a web site and Facebook page

  • The outcome of our Alumni meeting was publicised to all other Clubs in our District, and to Rotary International USA

  • Participated in publicising Rotary at Floriade

  • With Woden Club promoted our Clubs at the Volunteers EXPO

  • Our dinner for Mercy Ships received publicity in a number of Canberra publications



  • A Club member led the District Alumni Committee, another led the Operation Cleft Committee, and two members participated in District committees  

  • Represented at the District Conference and the District Changeover meeting



Our Club regularly cooperates with other Rotary clubs, and has also focussed on relationships with:

  • The Woden Community Service

  • Melrose High School

  • Canberra College

  • Greening Australia



  • Monthly Board meetings to steer strategic direction, governance, and management

  • A Club survey conducted to help guide planning 

  • Club Assemblies held to plan for 2019/20

  • Club committees planned activities for the year

  • Club (Annual) General Meeting held Nov 2018

  • Risk Management Plans developed for events