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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Nambour 76
We meet Wednesdays at 6:15 PM
Nambour Golf Club
Nambour Connection Rd.
Nambour, QLD  4560
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DG Newletter
No meeting this week -our next meeting is the 15th.
There have been some developments in the planning for our funding of a scholarship at the University of the Sunshine Coast. See this link for the details. Click here
The idea was floated that we should undertake something that recognises the contribution that Bob Sellars made to our community and to our club by naming  the scholarship  "The Bob Sellars Nambour 76 Rotary Scholarship".
We have been in touch with Bob’s daughters and they are delighted and honoured that we are considering this. They also  suggested, without prompting that they would be happy to make a cash contribution.
President Graham would like this to be discussed at both a board meeting and club meeting on January 15th.
The Bunnings BBQ on January 2nd lived up to expectations and was very busy. Our nett for the day was a very pleasing $1712. A huge thank you to all our helpers on the day. 
As the editor of the bulletin I guess that allows me to compose an editorial. Like everyone, I'm dismayed by the bushfire crisis and it seems an obvious course of action that we should donate as much as we can afford to the bushfire relief fund. The problem is, where to donate for the best effect. As I see it there are a couple of options - The Salvation Army appeal or the Rotary fund set up under the RAWCS banner. We have had a good fundraising year and I'm suggesting that as a minimum we make up the BBQ proceeds to a $2000 donation. Obviously this is a club or board decision but I'm raising it now as a starting point so everyone can consider it before our next meeting on the 15th. President Graham will be away for that meeting and I'm sure he would like to have some input.
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