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Our main item of business this week will be a proposed budget for this year. The budget was circulated last week and this letter from Gordon pretty well sums up the situation.
Hi Bruce,
As a practicing accountant I can see no easy way forward. You have done a great job in spelling out the numbers and hopefully someone within the Club will have some suggestions.
Membership at $100 is clearly not sustainable. If we are to break even on membership costs and to remain at 14 members we need clearly to raise an extra nearly $200/head from each of the members.
Membership fees would go back to around $300 which is probably going to go down like a lead balloon. I guess that is what happens when you run along with much reduced margins for a while.
The meals are also a problem. Based on what you have got there we would need to increase meal costs by about $46/meeting which is really about $3/$3.50 per head a week.
Then we are left with all the other costs which add up to about $60/week or perhaps even a bite more which is another $4/$5 per head for each of the members.
Personally I don’t have a problem in following Nambour’s lead but I don’t think that in itself is going to fix our problems.
By now the proposed budget has been circularised.
There is money to come from the bar which has not been accounted for; we should be able to really (hopefully) delete the costs of president’s changeover and club functions. 
Obviously if we just slug it to the members and increase membership dues and other outgoings across the board then we won’t have a club.
It stands to reason that without the club we won’t have the opportunity to raise the money that we do raise for the community. Personally, I think that the answer really is to utilise more and more of the bunnings money to prop the club up so that we have the opportunity to raise the other funds and do what we do for the community.
I can’t really see that a shift in venue to save a couple of thousand dollars is going to work.
I haven’t had a look at the menu at the Commercial but I can’t imagine that the club members are going to be happy to pay $30 for a $15 meal. Let’s assume they do and let’s assume we get $15/head for 45 weeks x 14 we then manage to balance the budget. If we lose, however, 3 or 4 members  over this do we really have a club that is worth continuing with.
Personally I will be happy to donate a couple of thousand dollars a year to the club to see it continue the way that it is but that is not going to solve the problem as we are still going to be short.
It will be interesting to see what the Club members come up with, hopefully it is something smarter than what I can come up with.
Yours faithfully
Gordon Downing
One consequence of the merger of District 9600 and 9630 into District 9620 is that there is now a new district website. The new website uses the same Clubrunner platform as we use for our club website. You can look at the new website via links on our club website (see the link to the left).
We still have a lot on over the next month or so (see the list to the left) so at Vicki's suggestion we are having a break with  a "take your own everything" picnic at Wappa Falls next Sunday (25th). Arrive about 11.30. See Vicki's mud map below:
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