Presidents Report 21/5/2014.

Welcome to my report.

REMINDER, No meeting on Wednesday 21st May 2014. Meeting changed to RYLA Dinner on the 19th instead of Wednesday.

REMINDER, No meeting on Wednesday 4th June 2014. Sydney Conference.

A couple of very important Thank You’s.

Bruce, acting Treasurer while Bill is away. Looking after the books.

Veronika, acting Secretary while Helen is away.

Great Job.


Last week’s meeting, guest speaker, Beth Pask spoke about the Teralba Assocation. The association has just acquired another house at Mapleton for men and needed help to furnish the house. Beth is a passionate fund raising coordinator for their group and also offered their men to help out with any projects we may have as way of thanks for support.


RYDA, Monday and Tuesday this week. Thank You to a great team headed up by Ross for all your great work again. Thank You to Graham, Vicki and Graeme and Sashi for your help each day. Also the team from Moolooaba club.

Thanks to Bill for the work leading up to RYDA.


RYLA Dinner on Monday night. This event was a great night. DG Trevor and Robyn and DG Elect George Grant and Mary attended and presented certificates to all the RYLA participants and leaders. It was wonderful to see our youth shine. It was a busy day for Sashi, Vicki and Graeme attending after their day at RYDA. Congratulations to the team who ran this program, well done.


Reminder for the Open Garden Day, Sunday 25th May 2014 and making the sandwiches on Saturday 24th. Check in with Vicki for information.


Congratulations Graham for your anniversary on the 18th May (Sunday) 38 Years of service. What a milestone 38 years of serving your community. Well Done.


Check out the events on our web site to keep up to date with what’s on.


Open Garden Day, 25th May 2014. E-mail from Helen with all information on web site.


Membership Dues, Is everyone up to date? Bill has you in his sights.


Some points of interest for Month of May 2014.


Happy Birthday To:

Bob, 27th May


Club Anniversaries

Graham, 18th May, 38 Years


Wedding Anniversaries

Veronika and David, 22nd May, 38 Years

Bob and Wendy, 23rd May, 27 Years

Bill and Judith, 26th May, 52 Years


Roster for meeting, 28th May 2014.

Paul away in Melbourne.

President: Alex

Sergeant: Gerald

Attendance: Bernie

1st Duty Officer: Sashi

2nd Duty Officer: Gordon

2 Minute: Vicki

Chairperson: Alex